All Four Love

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Just as there are four seasons and there are the four corners of the world, we have four types of love:
We all need love in all of its forms, albeit in varying degrees depending on the person. I have considered each one and given my thoughts on how they can manifest.
Physical love, perhaps the most obvious expression of love that comes to mind when thinking of a couple, it is of course an important one. It is when two people can pleasure each other through physical contact, and not just in a sexual way. An embrace can be all things - comforting, soothing and arousing. What can be more special than sharing your personal space with someone else?
Emotional love is the kind of love that transcends the bounds of physical attraction and is more to do with the desire to care for and to protect your partner. It is a yearning to understand and to know them.
Mental love means that an individual is committed to the other, whether this commitment is reciprocated or not. In fact, the other person may not even be physically present, yet the bond is strong. The person that is the recipient of your unwavering love may not even respond in kind, however, the love you feel for them will never be diminished in any way.
Spiritual love is arguably perhaps the purest and deepest form of love, where two are connected from the heart and mind. The longing for one another is so strong that they communicate with ease and know each other implicitly. In fact, spiritual love makes it possible for communication without the use of words. This form of love is nurturing and allows the other to grow and flourish as it is patient and unconditional.
Having read the above, it would be interesting hearing what kind(s) of love you would seek? Or have experienced? Are you someone who is content with just connecting emotionally, or do you need all the kinds of love?
I for one, am all four love!
Corra xx
Nicolle Pennie25/06/2021 18:32